Alrewas Arts Festival

Alrewas Arts Festival

A biennial community event

Alrewas Arts Festival
Alrewas Arts Festival

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Alrewas Arts Festival


Alrewas Methodist Church Hall. 
Sunday 19th November. 2pm to 4 pm

You'll know that behind the scenes we are planning and getting very excited about Fest 24!  Pretty much everything we do will focus on Reimagining and Reusing. 

On Sunday 19th we'll be  making wire flowers. So fun, and easy. Lots of help provided. Come along to say hi, even if wire flowers aren't your cuppa - there will be a drinkable cuppa on offer!

Humans of all ages are welcome. If you like this  particular crafting it can be an individual or family activity perfect for the winter months.

You've seen The Great British Sewing Bee on telly? The second challenge is a 'Transformation Challenge'. Well, this is right up our Alrewas street isn't it?  We have a local expert in fabrics leading some sessions in 2024 so that we can have  go!  No competition of course - just the joy of being creative. 

The Festival is about crafts and much much more!   We are always looking out for more workshops, people who might offer a talk or play some music.

If the Festival is new to you; make contact!

We've 10 months to get as many of you involved as possible.  Share your ideas, volunteer to help, perform, make things or run a workshop.

Our next session will be on Sunday 14th January 2024 (yes, it'll be first meeting in Festival year!)

Aside from some 'making' opportunities, we will be inviting our volunteers to nip in to say hi and hear more about the next Festival. 


Festival 24: Reimagine Regroup Reuse.

Embracing the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi! 

  Thank you to all our supporters of the 2022 Alrewas Arts Festival and thank you to those who have already supported Festival 24

Alrewas Arts Festival





Festival Archive

The first Festival was late summer 2006 and it has happened every 2 years ever since. We have built up a large archive of photographs and films. Villagers and friends have their own records too - we'd love to add them to our archive! 

Here's a glorious taste of previous Festivals.