Alrewas Arts Festival

Alrewas Arts Festival

A biennial community event


2022 Festival News & Updates



DROP-IN Wednesday 24th August. 10-12

Come along to the Arts Cafe and meet Dr Susheela Burford, one of the local Finds Liaison Officers, who can help identify any small archaeological finds you may have uncovered. You can also have the opportunity to handle some real archaeological discoveries.

CONCERT Sunday 21st August. 4pm. 

Rupert Feld will be offering a piano recital in the Methodist Church. A fabulous opportunity to hear Rupert's own compositions. Tickets are available now.

Go Ukulele Concert is Friday August 26th at 12noon NOT 1.30pm as stated on the ticket.
Improve Your Photography is Sunday 2pm to 3pm - incorrect time printed on ticket
Kings Bromley Choir is Monday 22nd 12.30pm to 1.30pm - incorrect information printed on ticket
Dave Crumps talk is now on Saturday 20th at 5pm 
Scrabble and Sangria is a Workshop NOT a drop in, so you will need to book this. 
Additional workshop. 'Flower Arranging' with Marlene Hibbert - Thursday August 25th - Alrewas Village Hall. Box office will advise what to bring
Wednesday Cupcakes for Kids – Cupcakes WILL be provided

Marzipan Fruits on Thursday . This workshop is CANCELLED

Vintage Pens, Wednesday 26th is CANCELLED



The Box Office phone line is now open from 10am to 4pm each day. 01283 684062. Phone only until Festival week 

The Arts Cafe will be situated in Alrewas Methodist Church Hall during Festival Week

Opening Street Fayre in Post Office Road on  20th August 

Finale Concert on Alrewas Island - NO BOOKING NECESSARY - Hosted by David Smeeton and headlining DJ Pilgrim Jim.   Bring your willow lanterns, torches for the twilight procession; your dancing wellies, your gazebo's picnic tables and blankets!

THE FESTIVAL READ is: Wind in the Willows. Get reading! Write your comments on the Willow Branch in the Box Office


All Festival events and activities are free and rely exclusively on the generous donation of premises, goods, expertise and importantly, time.
Each of your fabulous Festivals costs around £20,000 to stage - I know… that sounds a lot. It is! However, if you were to factor in time used pre and during Festival week, if we had to pay performers, venues, workshop leader, that figure would soar to eye watering proportions - which is why being ‘free’ is vital. Recognising the great worth of Arts Crafts Culture and Community that all of our village organisations provide is valuable and vital, and is what drives us all forward.
People donate what they can afford. Again, thank you.
During pre-Festival events and Festival week we take donations of cash in our lovely Festival Buckets - you’ll recognise them - Blue and White themed this year of course!  
In our increasingly cashless world we know that peoples pockets and purses are now more likely to contain cards rather than coins or ‘folding money’.  Umm, so how do we make this work in 2022? Good question!We will have some card readers in venues.
We encourage you to have some old fashioned cash to hand for the buckets.
You can donate anonymously or in glorious Technicolor via the website from May, or contact me or our treasurer Gerald Harrison (
Some people like to sponsor an event, workshop or performance. We love this!  We pop your name in the programme unless you prefer not. Contact me or Gerald if this appeals.

Full Workshops & Events

Walk Talk

World's Worst Repair Shop

Improve your photography
Alpaca and Goat walking - both sessions
Fun Biscuit Baking
Fun Biscuit Baking
Introduction to soft pastels
Escape Room - 9am
Escape Room - 10.30am
Escape Room - 12noon
Escape Room - 230pm
Escape Room 4pm

World's Worst Repair Shop

Scrabble and Sangria
Drumming Circle
How to draw a realistic moon
Pottery - Sylvia Royal
Painting in Watercolour

Wire Flowers
Silk Painting
Needle felting
Island Stone Hunt
Artwork on Stone

World's Worst Repair Shop

Wire Flowers
Making Bat & Bird Boxes
Genealogy for beginners

Watercolours with Arthur Tindle

Beetle Drive

Willow charcoal making

Outdoor sketching in charcoal
Pottery - Sylvia Royal
Painting and Planting
Painting and Planting
Canal Art in blue and white
Making Bat & Bird Boxes
Escape Room - 2pm
Escape Room - 3.30pm

Making Bird & Bat Boxes 3.15pm

Trees & Plants of the Island

Working with Green Wood
Polymer Clay Modelling
Festival Kitchen Live
Tweets Fairies
Found and Foraged Art

Pottery 3.30pm

Fiddle Quilts

The following performances, concerts and talks are full:

Drama Shorts

Blue and White Evening