Alrewas Arts Festival

Alrewas Arts Festival

A biennial community event


What We're Making

Here's some examples of whats being made at the Drop-in session. Fabulous crafting!

Behind the scenes, 2 people are working on some very exciting projects. They'll move, they'll dance, they'll make a noise, you can take them for a walk....!


A note from Sally

"Sunday afternoon was busy and very productive. Many thanks to Vi for organising the paper weaving. It was a little challenging to begin with, but I think that everyone succeeded in the end!

I brought in the silk parachute, which has been donated, and Lou was able to talk to people about it and explain the plan for its use. 

The fabric coils are really taking shape and a good start was made on the fabric birds. I hope to display these all around the village during festival week. The fabric birds instruction sheet will be  attached soon, so feel free to have a go!

The rag bag squares were roughly pinned together for the first time to create what Elaine describes as the 'Community Kimono', which is a much better name than the Rag Bag Jacket! It looked so colourful and fun and we may be able to produce more than one of these.

The next session will be on May 19th 2-4pm at the Methodist Hall.

Sally x"

What We're Making