Alrewas Arts Festival

Alrewas Arts Festival

A biennial community event


About Us

Alrewas Arts Festival came into being in 2006. A giant leap of faith and a committed team wrangled the beautiful creature into existence. It was the coming together of people and ideas long held but in need of someone to take that plunge to make it happen. Graham Sellors and 'Alrewas Arts' (now Alrewas 'Live and Local') formed the group in 2004. Long discussions and debates on 'what is art', what to include and plenty of nerves around the village acceptance of the concept. They did! Wow, HOW they did - and do!   

The Arts Festival went solo in 2008, my first year as Chair of the team and ever since has held fast to our original remit/ethos of creating a free, week-long Festival of Arts Crafts Words, Community Projects and Performances in the lovely village of Alrewas.

At the core of our 2 yearly Festival are around 100 free workshops, art and photo exhibitions, a community cafe, concerts,theatre, film walks and talks over a 7 day period in August. This year, 2020, the Festival was scheduled for 22nd to 29th August. Well, you know the rest! A Pandemic. We had the usual Street Market and a huge beautiful finale concert planned, to happen either in the park or if weather was naughty, in the Church. Both venue's have brought different, special and very beautiful experiences. 

It's a unique and joyful community event. We arm-twist about 100 or so greatly valued volunteers every Festival to help make it happen. Local venues are given free of charge, including the pubs. Local business's help us with equipment time and creating our installations. 

How can this possibly happen I hear you cry!  We fund the Festival through volunteer donated labour,  time and goods. O, and money collected and fundraised throughout the Festivals 2 yearly cycle. 

Keep checking for more information, updates and ways to be involved. Here, Twitter, Facebook and my email updates

Very best

​Paula Dumolo 

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​Take a peak at the Festival Archive for a flavour of what we do.

When there isn't a pandemic....we also run a community cinema called The Flea Pit in the Village hall. It's a fabulous opportunity to have fun, watch a film and see pals - it will return!!

THE TEAM and key areas (though there are many cross-overs and areas not noted)

Paula Dumolo - Chair - Words. Theatre. Music

Sally Stanton - Vice Chair - Art. Community projects

Jean Brown - Secretary - Workshops

Gerald Harrison - Treasurer - Logistics

Paula Stanley - Safeguarding - Health and Safety

Susie Lane - Volunteers

Debbie Harrod Driscoll -  Volunteers

Sue Williams -  Street Craft Market. Programme

Karen Walker -    Catering

Elaine Dolman - Catering - Escape. Programme

Paula Brownsett - Box Office

Peter Wray - Logistics

Laura Jacks Escape Room, Programme

Jana Zielinski - Escape Room