Alrewas Arts Festival

Alrewas Arts Festival

A biennial community event


News - updates soon - see Fest 22 page.....

April 18th News Note

Apr 23, 2022

FLEA PIT:  We are delighted to welcome you back to the Flea Pit in Alrewas Village Hall on Friday 29th April. 7:15 for 7:45.
Advance booking only please. Contact me for details, or check your newsletter soonest to reserve your places.
We have a card reader for the bar.  Donations towards the cost of the screening, as usual, are very welcome and in fact vital to supporting the Festival.  Do bring some cash (remember that?!) for the bucket and small plate. You can donate by card and pay for food by card too if you wish.  
FESTIVAL CATCH UP. FESTIVAL WEEK is 20th to 27th August. 
Be here, be ready!
Art and Photo Exhibitions. Start preparing you contributions now. Contact Sally for Art and Sue for Photo information - or me and I’ll forward on.  
Jubilee Weekend.  Friday 3rd. Fun and stalls on Alrewas Island hosted by AAF22. Keep the day free - more soon.
Volunteers Drop-in Sunday 12th June.  Are you a Festival Volunteer? Would you like to be?  Call in to the Village Hall between 2 and 4 pm.
Midsummer Mayhem. Saturday 18th June Watch this space for more information about this quiz based Festival Fundraiser.
Programme Distribution. Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th July. The weekend you’ve been waiting for!  We will be distributing your free Festival Programme to every house in the village. I’ll be calling on your fabulous services again to help with the drop. Thank you so much  - in anticipation! Programmes will also be available to people outside of the village and on the Festival website.
Festival Booking. Booking places for Workshops, Concerts, Performances and Talks will be a little different this year. More of this later. You’ll have your programme for 2 weeks before booking opens.
QUESTIONS FOR YOU. Book Clubs. Are you in one of our village Book Clubs?  Does the Club wish to be involved in Festival week? Now’s the time to get in touch. Email me please.
Big Tents / Big Top.  We need one!   Do you know someone with contacts please? Email me.
In advance, to all of the Venues and people who are presently and intending to support the Festival this year.
All Festival events and activities are free and rely exclusively on the generous donation of premises, goods, expertise and importantly, time.
Each of your fabulous Festivals costs around £20,000 to stage - I know… that sounds a lot. It is! However, if you were to factor in time used pre and during Festival week, if we had to pay performers, venues, workshop leader, that figure would soar to eye watering proportions - which is why being ‘free’ is vital. Recognising the great worth of Arts Crafts Culture and Community that all of our village organisations provide is valuable and vital, and is what drives us all forward.
People donate what they can afford. Again, thank you.
During pre-Festival events and Festival week we take donations of cash in our lovely Festival Buckets - you’ll recognise them - Blue and White themed this year of course!  
 In our increasingly cashless world we know that peoples pockets and purses are now more likely to contain cards rather than coins or ‘folding money’.  Umm, so how do we make this work in 2022? Good question!We will have some card readers in venues.
We encourage you to have some old fashioned cash to hand for the buckets.
You can donate anonymously or in glorious Technicolor via the website from May, or contact me or our treasurer Gerald Harrison (

Some people like to sponsor an event, workshop or performance. We love this!  We pop your name in the programme unless you prefer not. Contact me or Gerald if this appeals.